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Flexi-Drive – (Booking Insurance)


Flexi-Drive booking insurance.  Ensure you can postpone and reschedule your day at the last minute if you need to.  Make Sure you read and understand ALL of the terms and conditions before purchasing this product

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A common concern we have when booking a major event such as a Phillip Island Drive Day is “what if, at the last minute, I can’t make it?”  It does happen.   You could get that last minute call to work that day, people get sick, and even the best cars break down, being Phillip Island it may be that bad weather is playing on your mind.

Drive Events can’t be responsible if you can’t turn up on the day or choose not to for whatever reason (which is why we have terms and conditions of booking) but now you can reduce the risk of losing all of your booking fee by buying our booking insurance – commonly known as a flexi-fare, We call it Flexi-Drive!

Purchasing a Flexi-Drive allows you to reschedule your Drive Day booking at any time if you can’t make it for any reason (up to 9am on the day of the event).  You still have the normal terms conditions and rights afforded to anyone who books but this product offers the option to reschedule your booking at the last minute if you have to.

If you do need to transfer there is an additional $75 excess and your booking is then credited to your Drive Events account for use at anytime in the next 12 months.  The total cost of transferring your booking is $100

There are terms and conditions (of course) which are very important and are listed below.  Please read them carefully before deciding if this product suits you.

  1. Purchasing a Flexi-Drive costs $25 in addition to your event entry fee.
  2. The Flexi-Drive product may be purchased at any time but must be AT LEAST 14 DAYS prior to the event date. A Flexi-Drive product cannot be purchased within 14 days of an event.
  3. The ability to transfer your booking applies to one booking date only
  4. Flexi-Drive applies to a single attendee only, multiple attendees must be accompanied by multiple flexi-drive purchases
  5. A $75 ‘excess’ must be paid before the Flexi-Drive can be activated and the date rescheduled
  6. Flexi-Drive applies to reschedule (postponement) only and does not allow cancellation of the booking other than specified in the Drive Events booking terms & conditions
  7. The booking may be postponed at any time up to 8am on the event day.  After 8am the booking is considered complete.  Drive Events must be notified by phone or email prior to 8am


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