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Licence, protocol and policies


To participate in a Drive Events Phillip Island Drive Day you will need to hold a minimum Provisional Driver’s Licence, issued by the road transport authority in your state/country. Competition Licences or Learner’s Permits are not sufficient.


Drive Events Phillip Island Drive Days are designed to be enjoyed by all, from the freshly licensed P-plater to the regular track day enthusiast who’s been driving his whole life. With such a wide variety of skills and experience present on track at any one time, all drivers are expected to adhere to some basic behavioural rules:

Overtaking – Overtaking must only be done with the consent of the vehicle being overtaken. Close passing or passing without the permission of the slower driver is monitored stringently by flag marshals and will not be tolerated.

Flags – Flags are the only means of communication staff have with you whilst you are on track. Please pay close attention when you are briefed on flags in the morning, and whilst on track be sure to follow all flag instructions.


At any Phillip Island Drive Day there may be up to 100 participants (5 groups of 20 drivers) all eager to get out on track and enjoy the best circuit Australia has to offer. In order to maximise your experience of driving Phillip Island, we have in place a few important policies that we need to make you aware of.



  1. All drivers must be present for the compulsory morning Safety Briefing. Any driver who does not attend will not be allowed on the track until another briefing can be arranged for you. Safety needs to come first and all drivers must obey set regulations.


  1. All drivers must ensure they book into the correct group for their driving ability. Should any driver be found to have deliberately booked into an incorrect group for their driving ability, they may be forced to sit out sessions awaiting possible availability in a correct group. This will be strictly enforced. There are no transfers or refunds available for missed sessions.


  1. The MINIMUM licence requirement to participate in Drive Events Pty Ltd is a Provisional (probationary) Licence (issued by the road transport authority within your state/country). Phillip Island Circuit does NOT accept Learner’s Permits. Should a Learner’s Permit be presented the driver will not be able to participate in the booked event and no refunds will be given under any circumstances.


  1. All participants are responsible for ensuring their motor vehicle is registered, and is in a roadworthy/track-worthy condition. Participants must ensure their vehicle will pass scrutineering prior to attending the event. (Please refer to the scrutineering checklist located on our website: All vehicles must have a form of registration which allows the vehicle to be legally driven on Victorian roads. Please note: Phillip Island Circuit requires all motor vehicle to be ADR compliant and road registered i.e. Unregistered racing cars are not permitted.


  1. Drive Events Pty Ltd cannot control weather conditions. If it rains we get wet; if the sun shines we get hot. Drive Events Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility should an event be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to, extreme weather. In this event there will be no refunds or transfers, however, Drive Events Pty Ltd will endeavor to provide a replacement day at the venue’s discretion. If a rescheduled day is offered, there will be no refunds or transfers from the rescheduled day under any circumstances.


  1. All participants drive at their own risk, whether driving in all or part of their sessions. All participants should take into account their own driving ability, condition of their equipment, and possible track conditions before driving.


  1. Drive Events Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility if a driver fails to attend, cannot drive, is unfit to drive, or chooses not to drive in all or part of the day. Regardless of the reason (including, but not limited to, weather conditions, work requirements, motor vehicle problems, family crisis and health problems) there are no refunds or reschedules either in part or in full.


  1. Drivers may reschedule or cancel their booking (excluding group bookings) provided more than two weeks (14 days) notice is given prior to the event, and less a $50 processing fee per position booked. Within two weeks (14 days) prior to an event no refunds or reschedules will be given. However, Drive Events Pty Ltd will allow a driver to transfer a position to another driver, provided the driver taking the position fits the criteria for the booked driving group, and the day has not started.  This policy item may be varied by purchasing a “flexi-drive” booking insurance product.


  1. Drivers may NOT hand over their booking to another driver, in part or in full, at any time during an event.


  1. The consumption of alcohol and use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited at Drive Events Pty Ltd. Any person found consuming, or to be affected by, alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to participate in the event. No refunds will be given under any circumstances, and perpetrators risk being expelled from the venue and refused participation in future events. Drive Events Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse participation in the event to any person believed to be affected in any way by substances as described in this section. Drive Events Pty Ltd reserves the right to subject drivers to random breath testing and checking for influence of drugs.

It is your responsibility to be in a fit condition to drive on the day. Due to the high concentration requirements, Drive Events strongly recommends a good night’s sleep and abstaining from alcohol and drugs (ALWAYS, but specifically) the night before your event. This does not include prescribed medication which is endorsed by your physician as being non-detrimental to your participation in this activity.


  1.  All events run by Drive Events Pty Ltd are non competitive, non timed, social drive days.  There is to be no racing, and no time trials.  Drive Events Drive Day & Drive School is not to be used in preparation for any race or time trial.  Lap timing devices are strictly prohibited in accordance with our track hire agreement, any drivers found utilising such devices may be removed from the event and possibly banned from future events.


  1. Drive Events Pty Ltd MINIMUM Driving gear requirements are: long sleeve shirt and long pants, helmet of minimum Australian Standards 1698 or equivalent, and fully enclosed shoes. Should there be an issue with any of the above, some driving gear can be hired or purchased for this event; please contact our office for details.


  1. All participants are responsible for ensuring any equipment used during Drive Events Pty Ltd is in a safe working condition. This includes all wiring and electrical items being compliant with relevant Australia Standards (this may include having leads tested and tagged). Compressors, generators and other tools and equipment must be maintained and in a safe working condition. Electrical items such as tyre warmers must be plugged into power boards fitted with RCD (Residual Current Device) protection; double adaptors are not to be used. Drive Events Pty Ltd may request equipment be taken out of use if not considered to meet the above standards.


  1. All participants are to abide by the Safe Handling of Fuel Guidelines during Drive Events Pty Ltd. Strict guidelines must be followed concerning the amount of fuel permitted in garages (20L per garage), the suitability of fuel containers (labeled and Australian Standards compliant), and safe refueling procedures (avoidance of spills and ignition sources).


  1. Any driver who does not agree with the information contained in this policies sheet, or any other information supplied by Drive Events Pty Ltd, is entitled to a refund of the entry fee paid to Drive Events Pty Ltd less a $25 fee, provided they notify Drive Events Pty Ltd within three (3) days of receiving this sheet. If notice is not received within three (3) days, Drive Events Pty Ltd assumes the participant agrees to all policies and information and is prepared to abide the policies, terms and conditions contained herein. Any driver who exercises this right may be unable to book any further Event run by or in conjunction with Drive Events Pty Ltd.