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Develop and perfect your skills with our unique Performance Driver Education & Training Program.

What is the Drive Events – Performance Drive School?

Think about it this way. Have you ever wondered what it is that makes racing car drivers just that little bit faster and more in control than we are? Most of us attribute their extra skill to simply being brave and trusting their cars. But it might surprise you to know that there is much more to it than that!!

Successful drivers have a better understanding through education and experience of what a car requires from its driver to remain stable during high speed cornering. After all, a stable car can go faster through a series of corners than a less stable one. So the question for us then becomes, what do we need to do to the car to stabilise it and therefore drive faster AND safer.

It is easy to fall into the trap of blaming the car for not handling or not being fast enough, but the reality is the car is just a machine, it reacts only to the physical inputs of the driver. If the car is stable then it’s because of the driver, if it’s out of control or not fast enough then…….. You get the idea.

Our Performance Driver Education Program helps you to unlock these secrets and teaches you exactly what the correct inputs are that a car requires to maintain stability at high speeds through corners. Through the series of theory and on track driving sessions you will be taught the skills and given the opportunity to practice them at your own pace.

A common question we get is how will this help to keep me safer on the road? Unfortunately with years of driving on the road (at relatively slow speeds) most of us tend to develop bad habits, we become lazy with throttle, steering and brakes, and that’s because we can! Most road driving conditions don’t push the car near the limits of traction because the safety margins at road speeds are so great.

We think we have learned over time what we need to do to survive on the road, but that is not always the right way or the best way because the question then becomes what do I do when things go wrong? When you find yourself in a situation where you need to drive the car properly, we often don’t know how because we haven’t been practicing the right skills, the right way. Once you have learned the correct inputs the car requires from us then road driving will become an entirely different process. Corners will be safer, smoother and more in control. A corner is a corner, whether it’s on the road or the race track.

The Performance Drive School costs $525