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Graded Groups

While there are no speed limits as such, Phillip Island Drive Days runs graded groups in an attempt to have drivers of a similar ability and/or speed share the track.

Drivers must book into a group which is consistent with their driving ability; booking into a group which is not consistent with ability risks personal safety and the safety of others. Individuals found to be in deliberate violation of this rule will be removed from the track until a position becomes available in an appropriate group.

There is a maximum of 20 drivers per group and group guidelines are as follows:

       NOTE:  The following groupings are a recommendation and are a starting position only.  Groups are constantly monitored and drivers are moved between groups to help get the best possible speed gradings.
   Yellow Group First time track drivers and/or
Drivers who wish to drive the circuit with other low pressure track drivers and/or
This group is designed to have the lowest peer pressure to drive faster than you feel comfortable
Green Group Drivers who have participated in at least one Phillip Island Drive Day in the medium group or are at the faster end of Slow Group.
Drivers who have participated in several drive days at another track and were comfortable is medium speed graded group.
   Red Group Recommended for very experienced and fast track drivers (PI or other) with regular trackday or racemeet attendances
Drive Events – Performance Drive School For drivers attending the Performance Driver Education Program, our very own driver training. See our page on the Performance Drive School for more information

Please note: Group speeds may still vary considerably on any given day – please consult with the Phillip Island Drive Day Manager or registration staff if you feel uncomfortable driving in your selected group and we will endeavour to re-position you.

Note for racers: As all vehicles must be road registered and all drivers must hold a current road licence relevant to the vehicle they are driving. Racing cars with racing drivers are not suitable at a Phillip Island Drive Day; please contact the venue for details of CAMS licenced practice or club days.