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Broadford DRIVE DAY Thursday 10th February 2022


Places are limited so book now! Simply select a Graded Group from the dropdown list and hit the “Buy Now” button.

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  Graded Groups:

Slow Group

Recommended for first time track drivers and/or
Drivers who wish to drive the circuit with other low pressure track drivers and/or
This group is designed to have the lowest peer pressure to drive faster than you feel comfortable

Medium Group

Drivers who have participated in at least one Drive Day and were comfortable in the medium group or were at the faster end of Slow Group and/or
Drivers who have participated in several drive days at another track in medium speed groups and/or
Drivers who have received regular and ongoing performance driver training.

Fast Group

Recommended for very experienced and fast race track drivers (PI or other) with regular attendance at track day or race meets.


All groups are a starting allocation only.  Groups are continuously monitored and drivers moved between groups to get the best possible speed matching.  Different days with different drivers will often have different levels skills and speeds.


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